OC officials give behind the scenes look into 4th of July fireworks show preparations

OCEAN CITY, Md. – It’s a breathtaking fireworks show that the town of ocean city prides itself on.

“The experience, the setting, the fireworks display itself, everything’s got to be quality and that’s what we really strive for,” said Director of Specials Events for the Town of Ocean City, Frank Miller.

But what people may not know is the nearly six months of planning and hard work that goes into making the almost 20 minute show a hit.
“We develop the music soundtrack with the help of the fireworks company. The fireworks company then uses that to order all of their fireworks and their individual shells that they’re going to do and design the show,” said Miller.
And the preparation doesn’t stop there. Officials tell us crews have been in Ocean City since Tuesday working all day and night setting up for the big day.
“We spend a lot of time before hand prepping the show. Not only picking out the shells, but physically designing it on the computer,” said Project Manger for Image Engineering, Vincent Bonn.
And just to dazzle the crowd for one night, the city spends $50,000 on more than 1,000 firework shells. But they say it’s money well spent.
“It’s very important to us that we look at all the details and we give them an experience they’re going to be able to walk away with a big wow factor,” Miller said.
Once everything is set up for the night, crews have an even bigger job to do by making sure each and every firework goes off in sync with the music.
“When we do the finale they’re all in chains so that’s a little bit easier. But then we have about 700 other shells we have to drop individually and tie those into our computer to make it all timed up,” said Bonn.
And when asked why they do this every year, the answer was simple:
“We do this for our residents, we do this for guests, we want to make sure they keep coming back to Ocean City,” said Miller.
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