New shops, restaurants could come to Milford

MILFORD, Del. – The plans are big.

“They’re proposing three retail buildings of 9600 square feet each, a small office building of 4200 square feet, and then two restaurant sites that are around 7000 square feet,” Rob Pierce, Planning Director for the city of Milford, said of the proposed plan.

A new site that will turn an old, run-down lot into big business for Milford.

“Milford is generally receptive of any commercial growth, so the planning commission council, we’re supportive of this, bringing jobs and additional services to the residents,” Pierce said.

Something that, some residents say, is always a good thing.

“I think it’s much needed, it would bring also jobs to the area that’s also needed for this area,” Tiana Frith, a resident, said.

But some residents aren’t as excited and say this isn’t what Milford needs.

“It would be good, but they also need more things for like kids to do,” Tariana Frith-Taylor, another resident, said.

Some residents feel that the attention should be focused on other areas of the city.

“I feel that what is really needed here is an all night store that is convenient for the people that live here in the upper town Milford here,” Ronald Casterline, another resident, said.

But officials say that, while the plan doesn’t have the green light just yet, if it does get final approval, it would be a good thing for the community.

“In this part of the town we haven’t really had any commercials proposed yet so this is kind of, you know, newer,” Pierce said.

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