New executive director offers expansion at La Esperanza

GEORGETOWN, Del. – La Esperanza a nonprofit that serves hundreds of immigrants in Georgetown is ready for new growth.

“We need to really support those families, and I think that one way we will do that is by growing and expanding our immigration services,” said Jennifer Fuqua, the new executive director for La Esperanza.

The immigration resource center works with hundreds of immigrants every year. So, they hope to expand their services to better serve this community.

“Being able to take ideas, new ideas maybe things that haven’t been tried before and put them into play requires funding and sometimes it’s hard to come by that, especially for a small nonprofit,” said La Esperanza Immigration Program Coordinator, Bryant Garcia.

Fuqua says a major goal as executive director is to bring more funding to the nonprofit in order to provide more immigration clinics in the area.

“You’ve gotta take these services to the people,” said Fuqua.

“So, place-based services in places where they feel comfortable,” said Fuqua.

Immigration Program Coordinator Bryant Garcia says there is a big need for staff and new services that will help these immigrants integrate into society.

“I think that we can expect to see some more growth in the coming years with La Esperanza and that’s something that we really hope for and we’re really striving for,” said Garcia.

Fuqua adds this is the time to build bridges between all kids of communities in Sussex County.

“It’s really important at this point especially that you know people really embrace the diversity of the Latino communities in Sussex,” said Fuqua.

The new executive director says she has worked for more than a decade at a settlement house in Queens, N.Y. where she served immigrant families. She says she is excited to take on her new role.

Fuqua says she hopes to bring more resources to help people with basic literacy. She says some of these immigrants came into this country with their own indigenous dialect.

The center is also planning to collaborate with local churches to provide more immigration clinics in the area.

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