Maryland aiming to make prescription drugs more affordable

MARYLAND – Maryland lawmakers are assembling a board of specialists in an effort to bring down the rising costs of prescription drugs. This is all part of a new bill that took effect July 1st.

Senator Addie Eckardt (R -D 37) said, “There are from my perspective too many fingers in the pie. Everybody is in it to make money and at what point do you say the buck stops here.”

Michelle Parker, a State Health Insurance Program Coordinator at MAC Inc. in Salisbury says she’s seen the effects cost spikes have had on seniors first hand.

Parker said, “When you have a copay of $140 for one prescription and you’re on a $1400 income, it’s most likely not going to pick it up or you’re not going to take it the way it was intended to be taken in efforts to save money.”

As a result, Parker is grateful to see the state taking action with this new board.

Parker said, “The fact that there will be some control and some guidance and just eyes looking to see how much these drugs are hitting the streets at, I think is going to be very positive for our seniors.”

Senator Addie Eckardt says people who aren’t in favor of the new board argue it would be a waste of time and resources.  Despite that, Eckardt believes having the board is the right move, one that will ultimately help Marylanders in the end.

Sen. Eckardt said, “Well I think it does send a message that yes we are trying to address it and that legislators want to address it.”

Regardless of opinion,  the prescription drug board will be made up of 5 members appointed by Maryland lawmakers.

The board will be held responsible for researching price trends, determining a price cap for prescription drugs and finding other ways to make prescription drugs more affordable in the state.

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