Locals debate whether to move Halloween to last Saturday in October

DELMARVA – It’s an idea that’s dividing the nation.

Moving Halloween to the weekend permanently.

The possibility is gaining traction thanks to an online petition that has garnered over 80,000 signatures.

We went out to see what people think, and many were open to the idea, with a number of reasons why. Kids can stay out late and don’t have to worry about school the next day, and more parents can have the opportunity to be with their ghosts and goblins.

“It makes a lot more sense because the children are in school during the week, and to have them have the weekend free where they can have parties and go around trick or treating, if they want, I think it makes a lot of sense,” said Rosemary Hardiman, a council member with Bethany Beach.

“They can have a little more fun with it, because they don’t have school in the morning, and parents are off, so they’re there to be there and go with the kids,” said Lauren Williams, who was enjoying a day at the Salisbury Park with her nieces.

Not everyone agrees that a move would be wise.

Some Halloween chaperones say a weekend holiday could mean more vandalism, a reason why some towns try to avoid Halloween in the first place.

“They did not want the older kids and teenagers, who might be out making mischief, out on a weekend night,” says Susan Jones, a grandmother of six.

We asked officials with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office whether a move would help with safety, their position is that a switch wouldn’t do much to change safety, adding that most motorists are aware there are children on the roadways.

Lieutenant Tim Robinson, with Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, says “we think that either one would be just as safe as any other night. Because we do find that when kids are out trick or treating, the motorists – most motorists here are aware that they’re out there.”

As of 6 PM Friday, the petition sits at 82,000 signatures.

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