Local representatives look to find long term solution to Pittsville water problems

PITTSVILLE, Md. – People living in the Town of Pittsville just got through a water crisis and while things are looking up, there’s still more work to be done.

Some Maryland representatives have been getting involved to help find long term solutions to the town’s water problems.

Many people in the small Wicomico County town experienced yellow, brown, even black colored water for months and oftentimes, that water would stink.

To help fix the problem, Senator Mary Beth Carozza (R, D38) tells 47ABC they increased monitoring of the water plant there and they hope to get a new plant altogether in the future.

Sen. Carozza said, “We just held a meeting this past week and we went through both the short term corrective actions and we started to talk about he long term which of course may mean some investments in the future for the possibility of a new plant.”

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