Lewes assures visitors water is safe to swim

LEWES, Del. – There’s been plenty of concern regarding flesh eating bacteria in our local waterways, but the City of Lewes wants to assure it’s beach goers their water is safe to swim in.

In a social media post the city announced that scientists with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control confirmed that their water is safe.

Officials in Lewes say they have experienced an influx of calls recently regarding Vibrio in local water, but Vibrio is a naturally occurring bacteria and warmer water promotes its growth, and it is usually harmless to humans.

“I think there’s always apprehension, and of course when it starts making national media people are very concerned. People who want to visit here may not feel comfortable, and so they do call City Hall, they call the Chamber of Commerce,” said Lewes Mayor Ted Becker. “I think we just want to get the word out that it is safe to swim here in Lewes.”

Healthy people have a lower chance of contracting Vibrio, but people with a compromised immune system are at a higher risk.  If you’re worried about contracting the flesh eating bacteria, the biggest tip officials have is to avoiding going in the water with any open cuts or wounds.

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