Laurel’s 4th of July: “Still going strong after 25 years”

LAUREL, Del. – Hundreds of people from all across Delmarva went to downtown Laurel to celebrate the 4th of July, on Thursday. It’s the town’s 25th annual event and people tell 47 ABC it’s a really great way to bring the entire community together.

“We’re still going strong after 25 years,” says Laurel’s Mayor John Shwed.

From the petting zoo, to the food trucks, to the music, locals tell 47 ABC Laurel’s 4th of July celebrations were a hit.

“The petting zoo, the vendors. It’s always great to see the turnout here. We always get new vendors year. So it’s really nice to see the town get together like this,” says Samantha Quebral, a Laurel resident.

People who attended the event say it’s a great way to make memories with the people they care about most.

“We usually get together with family. We have a big family and a large amount of friends we spend time with. We see the fireworks. We have some really good food and just hang out and enjoy each other’s company,” says Christina Coffelt, a Millsboro resident.

The town’s mayor tells 47 ABC the annual event is about more than celebrating Independence Day.

“We put on an event like this because this is what brings a town together.This is what adds life to a town. We can have geography. We can have streets and so on. But when you put on an event it brings people of different diversity together,” says Shwed.

And locals agree that events like this represent exactly what small towns are about. “This even here is really great cause you’re really getting to meet everyone. And you see everyone coming out and showing pride in their community. It’s nice,” says Quebral.

There was also a 5K in Laurel on Thursday. All the money from that race helps to pay for the town’s fireworks. The town’s celebration also included a car show and parade. It was all capped off with a fireworks show that the Mayor tells 47 ABC is always impressive for such a small town.

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