Harrington Fire Company wins grain bin rescue tube to help first responders save lives

HARRINGTON, Del. – “Farming is the most dangerous occupation in the United States,” said Director of the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety, Dan Neenan.

It’s a dangerous situation that farmers here on the shore hope they never find themselves in trapped inside a grain bin where the grain becomes almost like quick sand, and its a situation that can often be deadly.

“If they walked into the bin with the auger running it can pull them to their waist in 15 seconds and completely submerge them within 30 seconds,” said Neenan.

And in an area where so many farmers live, the Harrington Fire Department was thrilled to find out that they’d been chosen to receive a grain bin safety tube from Nationwide Insurance. Equipment they say is critical to have.

“70 to 75% of our district is rural area. With this type of equipment the nearest one will be coming out of Sussex county I believe in the Bridgeville area and up almost to New Castle I believe in the Chaswood area,” said Fire Chief Robbie Brode.

Although the department says they’ve never had to rescue anyone struck inside a grain bin, they say it’s still important to be prepared for anything.

“The fire department folks are going to volunteer to be sunk to their belly button in the green and then two of the partners are going to go in with the rescue to build it around them sink It down and evacuate the grain until they come loose,” said Neenan.

Fire officials add that the equipment is just another way to ensure they’re protecting the lives of each and every person they serve.

“It’s going to be very beneficial to the fire company as well as the community, the farmers,” said Brode.


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