Fort Miles to receive piece of USS Arizona

LEWES, Del. – New renovations at Fort Miles were unveiled to the public in a ceremony attended by local lawmakers and officials.

The Museum at Cape Henlopen State Park got indoor and outdoor improvements including a new ocean overlook and 125 car parking lot. We’re told parking will be $5 a day, and that added revenue will go toward future renovations at the state park.

As for future improvements, we’re told a piece of the USS Arizona, sunk at by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, will soon be sent to Fort Miles. Officials have the ambitious goal of becoming the ‘best World War II museum in the nation.’

Fort Miles has the big gun from the USS Missouri, the ship that was the site of the Japanese Surrender to the United States in 1945.

“So we’ll become the only destination in the United States outside of Pearl Harbor, to have a piece of the end of the war and a piece of the beginning of the war,” said Dr. Gary Wray, the president of the Fort Miles Historical Association. “When people come in and they see our museum and they leave they’re going to be absolutely blown away.”

Officials expect to have this amazing piece of history within a year, and they plan to use this and the big gun from the Missouri to honor the 800 Delaware soldiers who gave their lives during World War II.

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