Feral cats to remain on Barbara Pilchard’s property beyond initial 60-day deadline

SALISBURY, Md. – The Salisbury woman found guilty of abusing 13 horses on her property was back in court Friday, July 12th for a motions hearing about a condition of her probation sentence.

Prior to Barbara Pilchard’s sentencing back on May 13th the Judge asked the Wicomico County Humane Society if they would help with the removal of feral cats living under a barn on her property, to which they said yes.  In light of this, a condition of Barbara Pilchard’s probation was for her to have all the cats off her property within 60 days.  However, since then the Humane Society has reversed course and said they could not remove the cats from the property.

During the July 12th hearing the judge, the prosecution, and the defense all discussed the options available to them to ensure the cats would be removed and the condition of Pilchard’s probation would be satisfied. Much of the conversation centered on jurisdiction and whether the court was allowed to order the Humane Society, who is hired by Wicomico County for animal control, to remove the cats, however no immediate resolution was reached.

The parties agreed to do further research into the animal removal and will discuss their new plan of action at Pilchard’s restitution hearing scheduled for August 30th, thus extending the initial 60-day deadline set forth at Pilchard’s sentencing.

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