Farmers remind drivers to share the road safely

PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – Farmers in Maryland are reminding drivers to be cautious while sharing the roads with farming equipment.

The Maryland Soybean Board says accidents between cars and farming equipment, like tractors or combines, can be costly and even deadly.

The Soybean Board says more farmers will be out during the fall, riding their equipment down the road.

The Board also says the best way to cut down on equipment-involved accidents is inclusion of farm vehicle safety in driver training, and education campaigns.

And, of course, the board says there are simple steps drivers can take to stay safe.

“Just take your time, slow down, try not to pass in non-passing areas because it can be a head-on collision, we’ll move over as soon as we can,” Brian Johnson, Vice Chair of the Board, said.

Johnson also says that farm equipment usually has a red and orange triangle on the back, warning drivers that it is a slow-moving vehicle.

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