Etsy Businesses Booming in Salisbury


SALISBURY, Md. – From cutting, to pressing, to shipping their products out, Etsy shop owners spend all day working in offices that aren’t your typical workspace. But there’s more shop owners in Salisbury than you might think.

“To have 5,000 products at any given moment being sold by makers here in our community is incredible,” Jake Day, Mayor of Salisbury, said.

Five-thousand products at any moment, giving Salisbury the highest per-capita number of listings of any geographic area.

And all those products are coming from people right here in our community.

“In somebody’s garage, or their living room, where they’re making something and it’s got value and it’s also got beauty to it,” Mayor Day said.

Giving people the time, and the space, to be creative while also bringing in some extra cash.

“I started my shop so that I could creatively express myself and make a little side money,” Leanne Murray, owner of Burrows Lane, said.

“I started the Etsy business because I was a new stay at home mom,” Rachel Alvarez, owner of The Nap Time Artist, said.

But it’s more than just a paycheck. It’s a way for people right here in Salisbury, to connect with people all over the globe.

“It’s just an honor and a privilege to have a platform to be able to sell, that people that have never met me and may never meet me have the opportunity to support my artwork,” Alvarez said.

A way for creators to touch other people’s lives, even in the smallest of ways.

“I get to create things for people for happy events, birthdays, graduations, weddings, all that kind of stuff, and it just makes me happy,” Murray said.


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