Downtown Salisbury road work continues, more closures

SALISBURY, Md. – Road work is continuing in downtown Salisbury, which is causing quite a few road closures and detours.

Crews are busy working on the intersection of Main and Division Streets. They are digging 20 feet down to replace water and sewer lines that have been there for about 100 years. Officials say that the work on this intersection should wrap up before the Folk Festival, which is the first week of September. But until then, the exact road closures will be determined on a sort of day to day basis.

“At times there will be closures of a lane or two lanes or on some days the whole intersection and they’re working on signage and flaggers to try and keep everyone informed on what they are doing,” says Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

Crews are also putting in three brick crosswalks along Main Street. After the Folk Festival, they will put finishing touches on the intersection before they move onto the plaza work in the winter. The entire project should wrap up in late 2020.

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