Dorchester County cracking down on drugs

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – An alleged drug dealer is off the streets in Cambridge tonight, and police say it makes the city a little bit safer.

And while this is just one dealer, police say it shows the progress they’re making toward getting drugs out of the county.

“We have 21 total overdoses this year and four fatalities, which is still a lot, but that’s half of where we were last year,” Dorchester County Sheriff James Phillips said.

And that’s something Sheriff James Phillips attributes to the approach his Office has taken.

“We’ve partnered up with homeland security investigations and what we’re doing is we’re not just going after the street level dealers, we’re going after the big boys, too, and we’ve been very successful in doing that,” Phillips said.

But it’s not just about the behind the scenes investigations, police say their work in and with the community is essential.

“We’re doing education to our students in high school and the public whenever we’re asked, we’ve joined the purple movement,” Phillips said.

The Sheriff’s Office says these approaches have helped them get dealers off the street, even as recently as last week when they arrested 50-year-old Kevin Lamont Tillery.

“We were fortunate enough to get enough intelligence that we were able to identify him as one of the suppliers,” Phillips said.

And while Phillips says the work the department has done has been successful, they’re always looking to do more to get drugs out of the community.

“The things we’re doing, we like to think we’re making a difference in it,” he said.

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