Delaware State Fair: Day 1 preparations

HARRINGTON, Del. – Come one, come all come big come small. It’s the most wonderful time of the year as the Delaware State Fair makes its way back to the First State to celebrate its 100th birthday.

“Everyone has been hard at work putting things together getting things ready for this centennial celebration” said Assistant General Manager Danny Aguilar.

It’s a celebration that fair officials say they’ve been planning for, for the past two years. To make sure the fair that hundreds of thousands of people come to see each and every year, is a hit

“We’ve got fireworks eight out of the ten nights, the Budweiser Clydesdales are here for 10 days. Every place in every corner of the fair grounds, there’s something going on.

Fair officials and vendors here tell 47 ABC, they had to prepare days in advance to make sure everything was up and running smoothly.

“We got here Sunday, and set up Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” said game vendor William Jones.

“We’re actually from Florida, so it’s a little over a 900 mile jump up here to get up here. We left on the 10th, got here on the 11th, started setting up on the 12th, finished set up on the 14th and had a couple of days off to enjoy this lovely Delaware heat,” said Reds Red Apples owner Lindsey Constantine.

And when we asked what keeps them coming back each and every year. The answer was simple: “It’s the people. When you hand a candy apple or cotton candy to a little kid and you make their day, that’s what it’s all about,” said Constantine.

“The kids come up with the darnedest things to say you know. ‘Man I’ve been wanting one of those all of my life!’ I’m like really? All five years huh,” said toy vendor John Johncook.

Fair officials add that you should keep your eyes peeled for some sweet events to celebrate the 100th anniversary. Where you’ll find some of the favorite traditions you love, mixed in with something new.

“We’re constantly learning how to make things better. We want to shake things up but we still want to be true to our agricultural roots and true to traditions,” said Aguilar.

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