Cowboy mounted shooting at the 76th Somerset County Fair


PRINCESS ANNE, Md. – The 76th annual Somerset County Fair wrapped up on Sunday.

The main event on Sunday was the cowboy mounted shooting hosted by the Mason Dixon Deputies. The riders go through a course on horseback and shoot balloons that are on stands.

The week long fair showcases many of the agricultural traditions important to the Eastern Shore like livestock, vegetables, food preservation as well as arts and crafts. Organizers say they have a little competition with the conflicting dates of the Delaware State Fair. But they say this fair is on the smaller and more relaxed side of things.

“It’s a very family friendly environment. You don’t have to walk as far. You don’t have a lot of pavement to stand on so it’s much cooler if you’re elderly or small children. We don’t have all the rides and things. It’s a real ag centered historical type fair,” says Ronnie Haymaker, the President of the Somerset County Fair.

There was no charge for admission or parking at the Somerset County Fair.

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