Confederate Flag Causes Funding Loss

GEORGETOWN, Del. – A flag in Georgetown has some community members riled up. Now the state is pulling 14-thousand dollars from the organization flying the flag.

“I think most people, when they see that flag, it evokes emotion, regardless of what your skin color is,” Senator Trey Paradee said.

That’s why Senator Paradee says he supported cutting funding to the historical society.

“I recognize that that’s a sign of hatred, and a sign of racism and I can only imagine for people of color, whose ancestors were enslaved, what that means to them,” he said.

But the historical society says the flag, and the people it represents, are just a part of history.

“It was a part of the history of Delaware, which is the mission of the Georgetown historical society , which is to preserve the history for Georgetown In Sussex county and the state of Delaware,” Debbie Jones, Vice President of the Society, said.

But not everybody agrees with that.

“There’s a way to teach history, through books, through displays, and museums,” Paradee said. “A monument and a flag are put up to celebrate either an individual or a cause.”

But with that $14,000 gone, the historical society says they’re wondering if this is going to be a slippery slope.

“If they can cut our funding because we are a museum presenting history, than what else could they cut it for?” Jones questioned.

But Senator Paradee says that this is just about making Delaware feel more inclusive.

“I hope that someday we live in a society where hate is not so freely expressed,” he said.

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