Berlin to hold Runaway Bride month in August to celebrate hit movie

BERLIN, Md. – Next month, it will be 20 years since the hit movie ‘Runaway Bride’ hit the big screen. That also means it’s been 20 years since crews filmed the movie right here on the eastern shore in Berlin. To celebrate, in August, the coolest small town will host a number of Runaway Bride themed events throughout the area. Officials say downtown Berlin will feature decorated wedding themed storefront windows and shops that were featured in the film will be showcased with posters depicting what they were in the movie. Other activities taking place next month include free guided walking tours and even a Runaway Bride costume party.

“People come in and they want to hear ‘Hey did you get to meet Richard Gere? What’s Julia Roberts like? Can we see the house? Where was the bridal shop?’ We thought you know what, we’re going to give the people what they want and they want to celebrate the movie so we’re going to do it up for it’s 20th anniversary,” said Economic and Community Development Director Ivy Wells.

Wells adds that there will also be Runaway Bride trivia questions posted in most of the downtown shop windows. And if you answer 10 or more questions correctly, you can be entered in the drawing for a free night’s stay at The Historic Atlantic Hotel.

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