Berlin Falls Park still a work in progress

BERLIN, Md. – To the average person it may not look like much has been done at Berlin Falls Park since the town bought it over two years ago, but that doesn’t mean progress hasn’t been made.

“Over the last year, we’ve done things like we put interpretative signage around the pond to tell visitors about the special plants and animals in the area,” explains Amy Field, Chairwoman of the Berlin Park Advisory Committee.

Not to mention the planting of pollinator gardens and getting rid of unwanted buildings.

“That’s something big that we’ve done recently too is demolition the small out buildings here. There were pump houses and things from the old chicken plant so we wanted those gone for it to be more attractive.”

This 60 acre park has been quite the undertaking for the Town of Berlin since they bought it back in 2016. That’s when a committee was formed and studies were done to learn what this space could become.

“We know that we want to keep this back area very passive and natural the front of the park has a lot of opportunities for active activities, you know such as a skatepark or dog park or things like a play area.”

Endless possibilities and ideas that won’t turn into action until enough funding becomes available so in the meantime they’re getting a plan in place to make it all happen.

“We’re going to get some rough estimates for some designs that we like so that if some kind of opportunity would present itself a grant opportunity to get some funding or sponsorships so we can make a move on that.”

On Monday the committee will be giving their recommendation to the town council on changing the parks name to Heron Park after getting feedback from the local community.

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