Wicomico County officials honor two young 911 VIP’s

SALISBURY, Md. – An emergency can happen at any moment.

“I was having some abdominal pain, it was horrible,” said Nina Singleton.

But would your child know what to do if an emergency occurred inside your home? For Madison Page and Mark Singleton, they knew exactly how to react in one of the scariest moments of their life.

“My mom started having an allergic reaction and her tongue started swelling and she couldn’t breathe,” said Page.

“I was laying on the bathroom floor crying and saying I’m so proud of him. My baby was taking care of me,” said Nina.

When Mark and Madison’s moms were experiencing medical emergencies, they got right on the phone and dialed 911. Giving emergency officials all the information they needed to respond as quickly as possible.

“My pop-pop told me to call 911. I told them my address, “said Mark.

“I called 911 and told them what was going on. They asked me my age, my name, my address, and my phone number,” said Page.

And their bravery didn’t go unnoticed. On Tuesday, Wicomico County officials recognized the two as 911 VIP’s. An award that goes to children 13 and under who provide assistance under extraordinary circumstances.

“If he didn’t know that, I could’ve…God knows what could’ve happened. That’s why at that young age we kind of drill that into him in case you do need it,” said Nina.

Because of their quick thinking, both Madison and Mark’s mothers got the treatment they needed, and are back in good health.

“I’m so proud of him. He kept his clam. He kept his younger brother calm, and gave them all the information,” Nina said.

And officials say events like these are the perfect reminder for families to make sure you go over with your children, what to do, in case they’re ever faced with an emergency.


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