Wicomico Co. approves new master plan for school and building upgrades

WICOMICO CO., Md. – School may be out for the summer but Wicomico County officials are still locked in on education, specifically how to improve and update schools. It’s all laid out in the recently approved Educational Facilities Master Plan for Fiscal Year 2020.

The Master Plan is a glimpse into the future, serving as a blueprint that helps decide which school upgrades need to be prioritized.

“The needs of those facilities, the current and projected enrollment for the next ten years as well as an analysis from the community and the school and staff itself,” says Micah Stauffer, the Chief Finance and Operations Officer for Wicomico County Public Schools.

Projects are currently underway at Beaver Run, Delmar Elementary and Parkside. But plans for Mardela are also being finalized.

“We realize that school has aged considerably. The systems within the school need to be updated. It currently has nine portables that are located on the property of the school and we would like to bring those students into the school and have room to do that to make it a more secure environment for our students,” says Stauffer.

Officials say this plan also helps address issues of overcrowding by predicting enrollment numbers.

“We can plan for that in our Master Plan and be able to address those needs by either short term looking at portables within the school and long term looking at renovation and addition projects to our schools as well,” says Stauffer.

Officials say other exciting changes include the possibility of an arts school, which is also being discussed.

“We currently have completed an education specification for that to get an idea of what that type of project would entail, what type of facility you would need in order to bring a project like that to fruition,” says Stauffer.

Something else that Wicomico School officials are excited about is the fact that every classroom in the county is now air conditioned, as of this past fall. It’s something they say will improve the learning environment, so the heat doesn’t impact students’ learning when it gets hot outside.

To see the full Educational Facilities Master Plan: click here.

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