Talbot County approves fiscal year 2020 budget

TALBOT CO., Md. – The Talbot County Council recently approved its Fiscal Year 2020 budget 4 to 1 after voting to raise property taxes.

Property taxes will be going up just a few cents per $100 next year, and that money will help fund the public schools.

The Maintenance of Effort law requires Talbot County to provide a certain amount of money to the school system each year, so we’re told they’ve been doing things like raising their property taxes almost every year to do that. As a result, we’re told the county has had to borrow money from their savings account to pay for things like salary increases for public safety workers. That’s why one council member, Laura Price, says she voted against it.

Price said, “The increases for our half of the budget, while I don’t disagree with how the money is being spent, it’s the fact that were using a savings account to pay for something like salaries that are going on and on year after year after year.”

You can find a summary of the Talbot County Fiscal Year 2020 budget by clicking here.

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