Sussex Habitat campaign highlights lack of local affordable housing

SUSSEX CO., Del. – The lack of affordable housing in Sussex County is now at the forefront of Habitat for Humanity’s mind with the launch of their Cost of Home campaign.

It’s a national advocacy campaign that’s highlighting the need for affordable housing. Right now in Sussex County alone, one in seven homeowners use about 50 percent of their income just on housing leaving little money left over for other necessities.

But it’s not just a homeowners issue, it’s also lack of rentals especially affordable ones.

“It’s really a multi-prong issue that we have here in Sussex County So if you can imagine if you did have two people working full-time and earning minimum-wage you still couldn’t afford a market rate two bedroom apartment in Sussex County,” explains Kevin Gilmore, of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity.

Sussex Habitat says this is an issue for the whole community not just those who can’t afford housing and they are hoping this campaign will be a conversation starter and driver to bring more affordable housing to the area.




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