State Police identify suspect following barricade

DOVER, Del. – Delaware State Police have identified 38-year old Justin Topolski as the suspect who barricaded himself in a residential home, and fired shots in the direction of officers, on Tuesday. Police were on hand for hours in the quiet residential area, closing down local roadways, asking residents to leave their homes while trying to de-escalate a scary situation.

Authorities say Topolski threatened his mother with a knife. When police arrived, the man barricaded himself in the Howe Rd home, firing shots in the direction of officers after they set up a perimeter around the home. We’re told a State Police marked Chevy Tahoe was hit by a round.

As this situation continued to drag on for hours, more and more residents stood outside trying to figure out what was going on in their neighborhood. One theme that emerged when we talked to them was they had never witnessed a scene like this so close to home.

“The SWAT team pulled up, and then all of a sudden more cops come up,” said Dave Wilson, who was at his daughter’s home watching two children when police began to arrive shortly after 9 AM.

We spoke with people who have lived in the area for 10, 30, even 50 years, telling 47ABC they have never seen anything like what they saw Tuesday.

Folks traveling in the area found DelDOT officials had closed off South Old Mill Road and Howe Road. As police attempted to resolve the delicate situation, residents who had been out were told they could not return to their homes until everything was resolved.

“He said there was a situation and that we couldn’t get in,” said Kathy Ravis, a resident in the neighborhood for 30 years. “I said I’ve got animals I’m trying to get to, and he said no.”

As hours went by, residents could hear from afar as negotiators attempted to communicate with the subject through a microphone.

“They’ve been telling him to come out, they have the front door open at this time, and they were telling him they were telling him we don’t want to harm you,” said Wilson.

As the clock hit 1 PM, Topolski surrendered to police and was taken into custody. No injuries were reported.

Delaware State Police tell us the man has been taken to an area hospital for an evaluation, confirming that as of now no charges have been filed, but they could be coming. We’re told the case is still under investigation and more details will be released at a later time.

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