Salisbury neighborhood takes action after attempted burglary

SALISBURY, Md. –  A Salisbury neighborhood is on edge after realizing that someone has been trying to break into their homes.

A homeowner in the Johnson Lake neighborhood says the screen on their window was cut and someone tampered with their window.

That neighbor immediately filed a police report, but neighbors say there has also been petty theft in the area.

The neighborhood now has Salisbury Police involved and they’re encouraging anyone who experiences a break in to file a police report.

President of the Neighborhood Association Susan Carey says, “It is very important because that way, they have a record of one, activities that are happening in the neighborhood and two, certainly if something comes up that maybe at first if they didn’t realize something was stolen later on it was there’s a report out there.”

Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan will be meeting with people in the neighborhood to address their safety concerns.

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