Salisbury Citizens React To Democratic Primary Debates

SALISBURY, Md. – The first two primary debates for the 2020 democratic party nomination have come to an end and there’s a lot of opinions to go around.

Locals had varying views on how the debates were formatted with 10 candidates being on the stage and where the party is moving on the political spectrum. Some residents were upset with so many candidates being on the stage and limiting all of the candidates exposure.

“I think splitting it up even more would be good because of how much time everyone got to speak, Michele Gregory, the chair of the Wicomico county democratic committee said. “The most anyone got to speak was about 10 to 15 minutes and that just isn’t enough time to explain their complex policies.”

Some say the party is moving in a more populist and progressive direction on policy because many candidates are now supporting policies similar to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders like medicare-for-all, living wages, free college and raising taxes on the wealthy.

“Its about time the party moves in a more progressive direction, they aren’t playing it safe anymore and they have to, Timothy Sheppard, a registered democrat said. “The base is younger and if you want to keep that base you need to take some of their ideas and stop playing it safe.”

Not everyone who tuned into the debates were democrats. Some who watched were republicans looking for an alternative to President Donald Trump.

“I would vote for a democrat, but they would have to be for the community, for the underdog, for someone like me, a single mom or someone that will move things forward but not over tax people, Katie White, an undecided republican voter said. “One of the better things Trump did was that he alleviated some taxes off the lower middle class and I’d love to see more of that going forward.”

While the debates happened on a stage in Florida, one self described moderate voter said she thought a sandbox was a more appropriate location to hold the debate due to what she described as the candidates behaving like children. She was referencing the back-and-forth between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Julian Castro and Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan and Tulsi Gabbard among others.

The next democratic debates are scheduled for July 30 and will be hosted by CNN in Detroit, Mi.

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