PRMC expands transition program to emergency department

SALISBURY, Md. – In Salisbury, Peninsula Regional Medical Center is hoping to keep patients from getting readmitted to the emergency department by checking up with them once they get back home.

We’re told once a patient leaves the hospital, that’s actually the hardest time for them because often times they’ve received instructions maybe even a prescription, but many don’t actually know what to do.

So PRMC will now be reaching out to it’s ER patients with an automated telephone call to identify any issues early and get them the help they need.

“Anytime anyone says no I’m not feeling better, no I don’t understand my instructions or ‘I have a concern’ we will call those individuals back with a registered nurse making those phone calls,” explains Kathryn Fiddler, PRMC VP of Population Health.

PRMC sees about 90,000 patients in their ER each year and by taking simple steps like this automated phone call they’re hoping to keep those that may not need another visit at home.

They tell us the new program will launch on July 1st.

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