Maryland SHA makes changes to Route 50 project in Easton to accommodate businesses

EASTON, Md. – The Maryland State Highway Association is making some changes to their Route 50 project in Easton that’s making a lot of business owners happy. On Monday, SHA officials announced that they would not be closing two major median crossovers at Lomax and Arcadia street in order to improve safety in the area. We’re told many businesses in the area raised concerns about the original proposal saying that it would cause a lot of traffic build upm and would deter customers from coming into their stores. But, after a recent traffic study, SHA officials found that accidents at those intersections have decreased significantly. And that there’s no need to make any changes to the area at this time.

“We went out we talked to the businesses we told them what we were proposing and they came back with some really good feedback . Safety does trump everything, and if it does come down to it in the future, that we have to make changes we’re going to make them to enhance public safety,” said Communications Liaison, Bob Rager.

Officials add that the route 50 project in Easton is to improve safety and pedestrian access in the area, and construction is expected to begin by next spring

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