Local non-profit looking to start OC compost program

OCEAN CITY, Md. –  In Ocean City, an local-profit organization is spearheading efforts to bring city-wide composting to the area.

“Leaving the place better than we found it, that’s my hope,” explains Garvey Heiderman, owner of The Hobbit in OC and Director of Compost for Go Green OC.

Go Green OC is tackling waste management in the resort town in hopes of bettering the local environment.

“It’s a long road ahead but hopefully this is the first step of many.”

The organization is hoping to create a City-Wide Compost Program after Heiderman learned how much compost could be collected just from one kitchen in four weeks.

“It turned out to be just over 50% of the material that we throw away is actually compostable material. That number is pretty staggering to us and so we thought okay, let’s try and expand it into a larger compost program.”

Right now, Ocean City trash is sent to Pennsylvania to be burned in an incinerator so by moving towards compost the goal is to reduce pollution, save waste costs and improve the local waterways.

“You can take compost and it retains a lot more water it also sucks a lot of toxins and bad things out of the soil and keeps it from running off into the watershed and the Chesapeake Bay.”

A program that’s bringing to light the small things just one person, one restaurant can take to be environmentally friendly.

“My hope is that this, even if it’s for one person to do a better job of taking care of the planet that’s all I care about,” adds. Heiderman.

Organizers hope to get more restaurants involved, but right now they really need is capital to get this program up and running. You can learn more about the program or donate to their cause you can visit their GoFundMe page. 

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