Holt’s Landing State Park Unveils Improvements


DAGSBORO, Del. –  It was cheering all around at the park today as officials showed off major improvements at the Holt’s Landing State Park.
These changes are something that residents have been waiting on for a long time, and some say that for the first time in years, they’re excited to use the park.

“There used to be potholes in the parking lot that you could get lost in for a week,” Maggie King, a nearby resident, said.

For years, Holt’s Landing State Park has been an unappealing, uninviting spot for residents in Delaware.

“The park fell into a bit of disrepair and hadn’t been getting a lot of love,” Laf Erickson, Trail Event Coordinator for the Friends of Holt’s Landing State Park, said.

But that all changed with Friday’s ribbon cutting ceremony, where officials announced major improvements to the State Park.

“New trails going in, a parking lot was just re-done, work has been done on the bathrooms,” Shawn Garvin, DNREC Secretary, said.

Improvements that, officials say, community members deserved and needed.

“We want to provide opportunities to get people outside to get them into the environment, to get kids running around, get adults walking,” Garvin said.

And community members couldn’t be more thankful for a new spot to bring their families.

“I encourage everybody, come on down and bring the children, have some picnics and listen to the music,” King said.

“Families can come play on the playground, and go for a nature hike, and go crabbing and fishing, it’s a real gem for the community,” Gundula Erickson, a member of Friends of Holt’s Landing State Park, said.

A new staple in the community – one that officials say will continue to improve over the years to come.

“I just love it, I just love it,” King said.

Officials at the park say that while the park used to close at night, it’s now open 24/7 to the public.

Holt’s Landing State Park will also host a number of concerts this summer, the next one being July 16th. That event is free to the public.

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