Gun storage safety bill heads to Carney’s desk


DOVER, Del. – A safe gun storage bill is headed to Governor John Carney’s desk for his signature on Thursday, and while there are a few people who aren’t in support of the bill,  many say it’s a step in the right direction.

“It’s a great idea,” one Delaware resident, Jerry Capone, said. “If a dangerous instrument is in the house, it should be stored safely and secured. It makes perfect sense.”

And that’s how many people in Delaware feel about House Bill 63, a bill focused entirely on the safe storage of guns. Under the bill, a firearm owner who does not store their gun safely could face misdemeanor charges if that gun gets into the hands of someone who shouldn’t have it.

“The most common problems are firearms being stolen from houses or cars,” Master Cpl. Eric Chambers with the Seaford Police Department said. “People leave them in there unsecured and the house or the car is broken into, and next thing you know you have a gun on the street now, and that’s dangerous to our community.”

Residents in the First State we spoke to say they support the bill and are happy to see the State taking action.

“I think [guns] should be locked up, I mean if somebody else can get to them then how is that safe?” Another resident, Robert Samuelson, said.  “It’s not safe if somebody else can get to them whether it’s a kid or another adult, somebody who shouldn’t have it that’s how people get shot.”

Still, others say the bill goes too far and isn’t fair to responsible gun owners.

“If somebody’s going to break into your home and steal your firearm while they’re breaking the law by breaking into your home, they’re breaking the law again by stealing something that doesn’t belong to them,” Gus Cornias, the owner of Lighthouse Guns & Gear said.

And while the bill is getting mixed reactions, the ultimate goal is to make sure everyone stays safe.

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