Gov. Carney announces new funding for English Learners

WILMINGTON, Del. – Governor John Carney announced additional education funding for English Learners and low-income student on Monday in Wilmington.

Governor Carney says he has added $75 million dollars to his proposed fiscal year 2020 budget to provide more resources for these students.

This funding would be distributed over the course of three years.

Some of the money would go towards things like Kindergarten to third grade basic special education.

The Chairman of the Delaware Hispanic Commission Javier Torrijos says this new funding is crucial.

“We hope that the General Assembly does approve the governor’s budget,” said Torrijos.

“The Governor has been working really hard, and he understands the importance of giving every student a high-quality education,” said Torrijos.

Governor Carney says this funding would ensure that students from every background will have an equal chance to succeed.

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