Ellendale residents hopeful for clean water

ELLENDALE, Del. – Murky, discolored water is what residents in Ellendale have been drinking, showering, and living with for more than 40 years without a public water system, but residents are hopeful that soon every home in Ellendale will have cleaner water.

“The area is in desperate need to have public water brought to it and provide clean drinking water for the residents,” Hans Medlarz, Sussex County Engineer, said.

The desperate need for water has existed for decades, but officials in Delaware have been working tirelessly to get funding to bring clean drinking water to the area.

“The funding application has been submitted to the state drinking water revolving fund and it will be hopefully considered in the very near future,” Medlarz said.

A referendum was passed back in September that started the process of bringing clean water to these homes, but now, months later without all the required funding, residents are still waiting.

“The project is only feasible if it receives a very high percentage of grants,” Medlarz said.

But despite some setbacks, and a long waiting period, both officials and residents are excited and hopeful for the water to be there soon.

“I’ll be happy, I’ll be happy,” Harold Truxon, an Ellendale resident, said.

“We’re just excited that the clean drinking water will be coming through, it’s a process but we know it’s there, it’s passed, and it’s coming, so thank God for it,” Loretta Benson with the Ellendale Civic Association said.

So while officials are still working to get all of the funding that they need for this project, they say it’s their mission to bring clean water to every home.

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