Educational trailer teaches parents the warning signs of drug abuse

WORCESTER CO., Md. – An educational trailer was set up outside the Ocean Pines Library on Tuesday to teach parents about the possible warning signs of drug abuse.

The trailer featured a mock version of a teenager’s bedroom and parents were given a hands-on tour to show them where kids may hide drugs, and what the warning signs are of drug abuse.

RALI Cares partnered with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office to bring the trailer to the Library.

The Worcester County Sheriff tells us parents should know that they have the right to search their kids bedrooms, and claims they shouldn’t feel guilty about it because it could save their kids life.

Sheriff Matt Crisafulli said, “Parents should be monitoring their children’s social media and they should also be routinely looking in their rooms, looking under their mattresses, looking under their beds, looking in drawers, looking in piles of clothes and [the trailer] is what helps to educate them.”

The trailer was designed with the help of people with substance use disorders, parents and law enforcement.

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