Draft ‘master plan’ for future Pirate’s Wharf Park unveiled

SALISBURY, Md. – After months of studies and getting feedback from the public, Wicomico County engineers unveiled their master plan for what will soon become Pirate’s Wharf Park.

“It’s a great addition for the region and for the county and really for the town of Salisbury to bring people in,” said Wicomico County Resident Jared Parks.

Detailed in a series of maps, officials showed residents a blueprint of what they plan on adding to the park. Including additional hiking trails, observation decks, and boat ramps.

“It’s really nice to be able to go fishing as well when I’m there or to put my kayak in or something like that as well, but I really like the land interpretation,” Parks said.

But the plans aren’t sitting too well with everyone.

“I think the boat ramp there is a little overdeveloped. They’re not limiting the size of the boats that can go in and they have 18 very large asphalt parking slips for the boats,” said Joan Maloof.

Officials say preserving as much of the land as possible was a top priority on their list after hearing these concerns from the public

“There’s an effort to minimize the environmental impact on the property which is fabulous,” said Niamh Shortt.

But a request from residents to have officials also get a wildlife conservation easement to ensure the park and forest is protected for life didn’t quite make the cut.

“I feel very strongly that that forest needs to be protected with a forever wild conservation easement,” Maloof said.

And while nothing is set in stone just yet, officials say this is the first step in ensuring Wicomico County remains a prime destination for all.

Wicomico County officials add that they hope to complete phase one of construction for the pirate’s wharf park by 2021.

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