DNREC warns of drinking while boating dangers

DOVER, Del. – With summer time fast approaching, that means more boats out on the water. And with that, officials in Delaware are reminding boaters to stay safe and sober while they’re navigating the waters.

Officials with the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) say that operating a boat while under the influence is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

To combat the danger, DNREC says they increase patrols on the waterways throughout the summer months to make sure boaters are sober and safe.

“If alcohol is going to be on board have a sober person that’s also going to be on board,” Brooke Mitchell, Boating and Safety Education Coordinator with DNREC, said. “And it doesn’t just fall for the operator. A lot of it obviously is focused on the operator but things to consider too are if there’s passengers on board who are also going to partake in drinking.”

Officials with DNREC say that stressers such as wind, noise, and movement of the boat can make a driver feel more intoxicated than they thought they were.

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