Delmarva Power asks Delaware regulators to raise rates

DOVER, Del. – If you live in Delaware you might be seeing an increase in your utility bill soon. But not to worry, Delmarva Power officials say this is all common procedure, and this increase actually benefits you, the customer. Currently, Delmarva Power is asking utility regulators to approve increases in its electricity and natural gas bills. Officials say if regulators approve this request, residents in the first state could see an increase of $1.43 in gas rates, and an increase of $0.29 in electric rates. Officials also say that this increase is gradual and usually occurs every six months. And they invest that money back into the company to upgrade a number of services for customers.

“The distribution improvement charge is now adjusted every six months to pay for those improvements to the system. And that provides our customers with smaller more predictable changes to their energy bill,” said Delmarva Power Communications Manager, Jake Sneeden.

Officials add that if their request gets approved, customers can expect the increase to kick in on July 1st.


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