Decision on fines for homeowners delayed, public input encouraged

OCEAN PINES, Md. –  The Ocean Pines Board of Directors is holding off on a decision on a referendum that would allow the governing body to fine certain property owners.

We’re told the board decided to hold off because they have two interim members with one vacancy, and will hold off on making this critical decision after the elections.

The preliminary plans include a dozen possible offenses, a 30 day notice period before daily fines begin, language that would allow the Ocean Pines Association to recover all legal costs from the violator(s), and hearings to be held 15 business days after notification by the Architectural Review Committee.

In the meantime, the board is continuing to craft the process of how they will judge these cases, as well as what would be fine-worthy offenses.

Ocean Pines residents are encouraged to give input, and one big concern that’s been raised is the lack of a third-party in the board’s plans.

“I understand how a tough homeowners association can be. And those concerns have been expressed by other members on the board. Whether it would be a third party or not, I’m not sure of,” said board member Frank Daly.

This decision will be made at the September 1 board meeting. If you want to provide input, you can do so here.

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