Day 3: Jarrett Stokes murder retrial


WICOMICO COUNTY, Md. – It’s day three of the murder retrial of 22-year-old Jarrett Stokes who’s being accused of shooting and killing Rakim Russell back in August of 2015 in the parking lot of America’s Best Value Inn.

So far this week, the jury has already heard several key testimonies from eye witnesses including the driver of the getaway car Marquel Pinder and on Wednesday that trend continued.

The jury ended up hearing yet another key testimony, but this time it came from the lead detective on the case who interviewed the defendant just days following the murder.

According to the detective, Jarrett Stokes came to the station on his own and provided him with an alibi, that didn’t really add up.

He also referenced several conversations via Twitter and Instagram that revealed Stokes had asked for a firearm just days leading up to the murder.

But the defense was quick to add that there was no evidence proving that he actually got the gun. Plus the fact that there is no physical evidence, no DNA proving he fired a gun or that he was even in the getaway car.

Closing arguments are expected to happen Thursday morning and then the jury will deliberate and decide whether or not Stokes is guilty of murder.

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