Coast Guard trying to identify hoax caller



OCEAN CITY, Md. – Every single time the coastguard in ocean city gets a call for help, they put on their gear, and jump onto their boat to go help those in need. But now, there’s one caller who may not actually need their help.

“We take each and every distress call that we get very serious, and we give each and every one of those distress calls attention,” Lieutenant Lee Gorlin with the Coast Guard said.

And that’s why the Coast Guard says whoever has been making these hoax calls is taking up valuable resources. They say the calls started coming in back in December  and haven’t stopped since.

“There was a pretty good streak where the individual was making broadcasts every weekend from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on a pretty regular basis,” Lt. Gorlin said.

The Coast Guard says they’ve tried to find the caller but can only narrow his location to a nearby neighborhood, which is why they are asking people to take a careful listen to the calls and let them know if they recognize the voice.

The coastguard tells us that any person found to be making hoax calls like this could face a penalty of up to six years behind bars plus a $250,000 fine.

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