Century-old building gets new life in Cambridge

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – As one of the oldest cities in Maryland, Cambridge is packed with history. And now thanks to construction on some old smoke stacks, the community gets to keep a part of that history.

“Of course [the] building is the old Phillips packing plant, part of Cambridge’s once biggest employer in the pre-war days,” Patrick Comiskey, City Manager, said.

And that old packing plant is being given new life, as officials work to remodel one of the old smoke stacks, bringing together the work of officials from all across the state.

“The leaders of the project on the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy and the Cross Street Partners, they’re working together, they’ve been working together for a number of years to try to get redevelopment on this building,” Comiskey said.

But it’s more than just a building. It’s all about keeping the history in the city.

“We have an interest in making sure that our history is maintained, it’s important to us,” Comiskey said.

And that history is something that residents love, and that local businesses hope to cash in on, especially businesses right next door to the smoke stacks.

“It’s going to help me hopefully,” Terry Tubman, owner of Bay Country Antiques, said. “I don’t like to see empty buildings around with nothing in them, you know, that doesn’t do anybody any good.”

And this project is just one more step in city officials working hard to lure in tourists and bring business to the city.

“And as the mayor likes to say – things are happening in Cambridge,” Comiskey said.

Officials tell 47 ABC construction is expected to last through September.

For now, officials don’t know what will go inside the building once renovations are complete. But the mayor and commissioners tell 47 ABC that they are exploring several options.

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