Carolyn Cole helps us deal with Mental Exhaustion

SALISBURY, Md. — Today on Good Morning Delmarva, our very own Erica Murphy sat down with Carolyn Cole, again, to discuss tips on dealing with mental exhaustion. The last time Carolyn was here, she gave some great advice and offered great tips based off of research and science.

Professional speaker Carolyn Cole was eager to get back on to Good Morning Delmarva and we were excited to have her. Her goal was to deliver two easy tips that will help you reduce decision fatigue, otherwise known as mental exhaustion and add more energy to your days.  She jumped right into it, offering some of the best advice one can have when it comes to the mind and exhausting yourself.

Carolyn mentioned that we as everyday human-beings ” we spend 26 years of our lives sleeping” with and additional seven years tossing and turning in our sleep. She also stated that we make 35,000 decisions everyday — causing brain exhaustion. That’s right, a staggering 35,000 decisions on what to wear, what to do, and the list goes on.

Carolyn tells Erica that you should “make a list before you go to bed” because your brain will work on the list while you are sleeping. She then says once you are awake, your brain is relaxed and energized because it knows what’s happening next.

She also says our brains need glucose for our brains to function sharply and to energize. No, this doesn’t mean to eat sugary foods to energize your brain, that has the opposite effect. Carolyn says to eat protein, as protein slowly releases glucose and gives you more energy and keeps you sharp.

So much information in so little time, but if you would like more information on topics like mental exhaustion and more or to book Carolyn to speak at your next event, head over to her website, which is or e-mail her directly at



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