Canadian Forces Snowbirds to perform in OC Air Show

OCEAN CITY, Md. – The Canadian Forces Snowbirds will perform for the first time ever at the OC Air Show this weekend. It is a team ready to showcase what they have to offer for the resort town.

“We’re the only nine plane jet demonstration team in North America,” said Captain Logan Reid.

“We like to keep a nice tight show in front of the crowd the entire time and demonstrate a more graceful side of aviation I would say,” said Reid.

The team will be flying in Canadian-built jets that date back to 1963, and pilots like Captain Logan Reid said it takes a lot of practice to fly these jets.

“One unique thing about this aircraft from other aircrafts I’ve flown is that we’re not in the central axis of the plane,” said Reid.

“It’s kind of like driving your car, which is probably intuitive for you on the highway, but for pilots not sitting on the center line makes it a bit different,” said Reid, “You can bank one way differently from the other.”

Captain Reid said he hopes their performance will inspire other people to love aviation as much as they do.

“I thought it was very inspiring as a young kid to look at all the planes going by and showing all the cool aspects of aviation,” said Reid, “So, I think it’s important anytime you have a local aviation show you should go up and support it.”

Performances by the Canadian Forces Snowbirds as well as the US Navy Blue Angels, among others will start at noon and end around 4 PM.

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