Cambridge commissioners working to get funding for community center project

CAMBRIDGE, Md. – In Cambridge, commissioners are working to make sure a community center project gets the funding it needs. Back in April 47 reported about a group of residents who are working to bring a community center to the area by re-purposing the former Mace’s Lane High School. But the nearly $3 million project still needs funding to get underway. Which is why on Monday, officials agreed to work on a grant that would provide $500,000 in funding to the project. In addition to the $100,000 the city is looking to give to the initiative as well. Officials add that this funding is just the next step in bringing an important community center to its residents.

“This grant plus the city’s match of $100,000 should help get the first couple phases of the project moving. The mayor and commissioners are very much interested in trying to work with groups that are active in trying to make things happen,” said Cambridge City Manager Patrick Comiskey.

Comiskey adds that the council hopes to get approved for the grant within the next couple of months.


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