Butterfly release honors loved ones affected by cancer

LEWES, Del. – With each release of a butterfly people said one last goodbye to their loved ones on Sunday who lost their battle with cancer.

“There’s a saying that if you whisper something to a butterfly it goes up to heaven and gives your message,” said Trish Doak.

“So, that’s how I always feel just telling her that we miss her every day and we love her,” said Doak.

Trish Doak said she lost her mom after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a couple years ago. That is why Sunday’s releasing of butterflies means so much to her.

“She was one of those statistics that she was diagnosed and six weeks later she was gone,” said Doak.

People said these butterflies serve as a reminder that even though some are no longer here with us their spirits live on.

“I feel like with a butterfly it kind of gives you that connection that their spirits are still with us and they’re all around us,” said Amy Casas.

“Even though we can’t see them I feel like it’s a symbol of their love,” said Casas.

“There’s the old saying that if a butterfly lands on you it’s a loved one and you kind of wonder sometimes if maybe it is and maybe you’ve just released a loved one that’s passed on,” said Erik Anderson.

This ceremony is not just about remembering those who lost their lives. It is also a moment to celebrate those who survived.

“Being a cancer survivor when you first hear that big ‘C’ word it scares the bejesus out of you and you don’t know if you’re going to live or die or whatever,” said Anderson.

“I’m just thankful that it wasn’t my turn and I can keep on with my life and enjoy it,” said Anderson.

Moving forward people said they hope a cure will be found for the disease so more people can come to ceremonies like this as survivors.

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