Berlin church gets second chance


On Thursday night in a follow-up to a 47 ABC News Exclusive Investigation, our team once again revisited a local church’s nightmare project, but in a twist the outcome of our trip was much more positive.

Around 4 p.m. on Thursday, volunteers and contractors gathered at the Lighthouse Church of God in Berlin to take a look at their failing facility. The building was supposed to be constructed by a local contractor who never finished the work. Together the group came up with a plan to save the restoration station.

“I think it’s a shame what this contractor has done to this congregation and church,” said Jason Ortt of Royal Plus Inc. “It shows you that people do take advantage of good people.”

“Right now it means everything because we felt like it was hopeless and it looked hopeless,” said Church Councilman Theo Hobbs IV.

The dozen or so contractors combing through the Berlin restoration station and sitting in pews on Thursday came out to help their own, a church family in need on Delmarva.

“If we can’t help a church, who are we?” said Delegate Wayne Hartman.

The Berlin Church’s comeback story started last week when they reached out to 47 ABC, who through an investigation found that Unique Styles Custom Home Builders hired to construct a $390,000  “restoration station” back in 2015 failed to get the job done, while reportedly deceiving the congregation for a period of 4 years.

“It’s a shame when anyone doesn’t complete a job,” said Volunteer Project Manager Joe Groves. “It says a lot about that individual.”

With the help of Delegate Wayne Hartman (R) a group of environmental companies, electricians, heating and air conditioning specialist and more began to craft a plan to finish this facility. A plan to give the church the community outreach center it deserves and at one time had paid for.

“It seems like the team we had Thursday is just what we needed to get this building moving in a healthy direction,” said Del. Hartman.

“We are going to start Friday with mold remediation and figure out what time we can get that started,” said Groves. “I’ll leave it up to those three companies and hopefully in a week or so we can get it out of here.”

Groves says that the work could be completed by the end of the summer, but in order to do that the group now responsible for turning things around at Lighthouse will need some more help.

“Bury the hatchet, roll up your sleeves and lets all work together for a common goal,” said Ortt. “Let’s give back to the community and to a place that’s given back to the community for so many years.”

“We said this project would be finished just like Moses said that he would get his people to the promised land,” said Pastor Theophilus Hobbs III. “We’re gonna get to the promised land.”

There is a need for volunteers if you would like to get involved you can call project manager Joe Groves at 443-235-2843.

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