Advocates rally for funding for clean water in Delaware

DOVER, Del. – In Dover, hundreds of activists gathered outside of legislative hall to urge lawmakers to support a bill that if passed, would help improve the water quality in areas that so desperately need it. Currentl through House Bill 200, also known as the Clean Water for Delaware Act, legislators are working to secure adequate funding for infrastructure improvement projects in Delaware that would help improve water quality. Supporters of the bill say many areas in the first state still don’t have access to clean water, and it’s an issue that has to be addressed.

“We believe clean water is a human right it’s not privilege. Everyone should have access to clean water. 90% of our waterways are impaired or polluted which is pretty remarkable. Especially for a state that’s known for its beautiful beaches and recreational areas and wetlands, we need clean water here,” said Deputy Director for the Delaware Nature Society Joanne McGeoch.

In addition to rallying outside of legislative hall, activists also met with Governor John Carney Wednesday to discuss the urgent need for clean water and flood reduction funding.

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