Accomack residents react to Northam’s call for stricter gun laws

ACCOMACK CO., Va. – Following last week’s shooting in Virginia Beach last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has called a special session in Richmond, where he will be reintroducing ideas he hopes can help prevent these massacres from happening in the future.

Governor Ralph Northam plans to re-propose legislation that includes universal background checks, a step most we spoke with agreed on.

“Thorough background check should be just a number one priority,” said Virginia resident Dr. Ed Griggs.

“I don’t want them to remove the second amendment rights, but I do think that any responsible gun owner has no problem with background checks,” said Bonnie Broadwater of Sanford.

Northam also will propose a ban on assault weapons, including bump stocks and suppressors, an extreme risk protective order, child access prevention, reinstating the one-gun-a-month law, and more.

Virginia resident John King says as weapons evolve, so should laws.

“I don’t think our founding fathers had anticipated military style weapons… The way things are now you get criminals and crazy people with access to guns. It’s just wrong.”

But Broadwater argues blanket laws that take guns out of the hands of responsible owners are not the answer.

“If guns were restricted, there were no guns, people that want to mass murder would find another weapon.”

The Virginia Beach shooter, who killed 12 on Friday, used a silencer and two .45-caliber handguns.

Even if legislation passes, it may have to face a judicial review.

Virginia isn’t the only state eyeing tighter gun laws, coming up at 6 we will highlight a gun storage bill in Delaware that is heading to the Governor’s desk.

Governor Northam will be announcing the date of the special session in the coming days.

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