Sussex County considers amending Cluster Ordinance

Sussex Co., Del. – On Tuesday, the Sussex County Council heard from residents about an amendment to the County’s Cluster Ordinance.

The proposed amendment would require all applicants who choose to qualify for a Cluster Development option to adhere to “Superior Design” standards.

To meet “Superior Design” standards, developers would have to do things like: maintain 30% open space in one continuous piece of land, preserve any existing wetlands, waterways, wildlife corridors, farmlands or woodlands, and preserve scenic views.

While some developers have expressed opposition to this amendment, others have expressed support, saying they believe it is going to be beneficial in the county because it will help preserve open space.

Bruce Mears, a member of the Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission said, “Well there’s a few more rules and regulations to go by that make a better development, but it creates more open space, so it’s just better development for Sussex County.”

The public hearing period was closed on Tuesday.

The council has deferred this issue for further consideration.

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